Smoking Cessation

Are you ready to begin living your life as a non-smoker? Are you tired of the patches and gums that don't work? Or those medications that have produced such negative side effects for so many people. Are you ready to regain control over your life and lifestyle habits? If you answered yes, keep reading. . .

Here at Maximized Mind, we utilize the strongest and most effective treatment for the smoking addiction to replace this habit with healthy and positive new ways of coping with stress, boredom, food, or any other triggers you may experience. We have successfully helped 98% of our clients become non-smokers since 2014. Here at Maximized Mind, we believe in making ourselves available to our clients even between sessions. We understand that becoming a non-smoker can be difficult for some people. That is why we are on stand-by for our clients throughout their journey of success. We provide our clients with full support throughout the length of their program as well as a reinforcement recording and sleep learning audio to ensure they have the best opportunity to succeed.

Our smoking cessation hypnosis program works by removing the triggers and associations from the subconscious mind and replacing them with our Foundation of Success. By doing this, our clients begin to live their lives as non-smokers with a renewed sense of self-confidence, pride, excitement, purpose, and fulfillment. Our Foundation of Success program has been the backbone of our success her at Maximized Mind and stretches far beyond just the achievement of becoming a non-smoker. Throughout your transition of becoming a non-smoker, you will begin to strengthen these qualities of success within you so that you can start living your life with more passion and happiness.

Our Programs

We have two levels to meet your budget and needs:

$250 - Single Session (Includes one 1.5-hour hypnotherapy session)

$450 - 30-Day Program (Includes initial 1.5-hour quit smoking session along with 2 follow-up sessions)