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​At Maximized Mind, we believe in your success. We believe in morals, values, and treating each and every customer based on their specific and unique needs. We strive to provide the highest levels of services to all our clients. As a result, we receive many success stories about how much our clients have grown and transformed their lives in powerful positive ways. We work with people from all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds and we are proud to be able to deliver such a wide variety of methods that work to suit almost any individuals needs. Our extensive coaching and support gives you the edge when implementing change into your life and we are sure that you can have a success story of your own to share with the world. So come on and start your journey by joining the many who have already benefited by calling Maximized Mind! Call now for your free consultation!

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

Dr. Katie Ulam


I have been working with Mike now for almost 2 months and I can not be more appreciative for all of his help. He is excellent at what he does. He is very caring and understands every single thing I am going through. It is almost like he can read my mind (no pun intended!). I am beyond thankful for all his work and his amazing gift in life to help people in so many ways. I highly recommend him to EVERYONE! 

Dr. Kara Houston


I found Maximized Minds through a friend and it was been absolutely life changing. Mike is phenomenal and I owe so much of my personal growth and self discovery to him! He has truly changed the way I view the world and myself in just 2 short months! I cannot thank him enough for his patience, insight, and strategies! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone (and frequenctly do!)! 

Kristy Roderick


Working with Mike, at Maximized Mind, has been one of the best business decisions I have made to date! Thanks to Mike, not only have I gained clarity in every aspect of my business, but this process has opened me up to possibilities I couldn't see for myself, both personally and professionally. I will be forever thankful for what Mike has helped me accomplish and I would recommend him to anyone open to a level of success that is beyond what you can even imagine! 

Michael Reed


Mike has been such a big help to me these past few months, both personally and professionally. With his help, I have doubled my income and improved every other area of my life. He is a great motivator and as hungry for my success as I am. He takes a genuine interest in me and my well being and takes time every day to help me stay focused on my goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their life and put their success on the fast track. 

Matt Jones


"I'm a client/patient of Mr Mike Oglesbee and after my very first visit with him I can tell you that I feel like a new person. My stress level has decreased dramatically and I feel so much better about my life. I even closed one of my biggest deals at work!! Thanks so much Mike, your incredible at what you do!!" 

Leslie Jafarace


I cannot say enough about Mike and Maximize Minds.  I used their service to overcome some life hurdles I was unable to on my own.  Just one session and I made the changes necessary for me to realize my full potential.  If you are ready to make a real change and put the work in Maximized Minds can help you. 

Nolan Averett

"My name is Nolan and I've been visiting with Mike for about a month now. I came to him a very broken, disillusioned, and hurt man. I've been to church, I've been to rehab, I've tried about everything I know to do to become a better person. So when I was ready to give up on life I happen to run into an old friend and he told me I should give Mike a call, he helped him personally with a lot of things that was wrong with his life. I had already lost the woman I loved, countless jobs and just about everything that I hold dear to my heart. I figured at this point it's either give up or step outside my comfort zone and try something different, something new. So I called Mike and from the very beginning he spoke to me like I mattered and I could genuinely sense that he cared about my well being and my success as a human being. Through hypnosis (which I'll admit is strange at first) and simply talking to Mike on a daily basis whether by phone or in person has really helped to open my eyes and strive towards things that make me happy, blocking out the things I have absolutely no control over, and setting goals that no matter how far fetched it seemed he helped me to believe that I can achieve. I am still in my beginning stages with my relationship with Mike, but in the short time that I've been meeting with him everyday things improve for me. The love of my life has started to see the good in me and to believe in me again. Financially I am better off. Spiritually, I even have a better relationship and I'm walking closer with the Father in Heaven than I ever have before. Speaking from my own experience, meeting with Mike has been the difference maker for me so far. I cannot put a price on the importance of nor do I feel it will be in my best interest to stop seeing him anytime soon. He tells me things like they are, he holds me accountable. Every time we talk I just feel better about the direction I'm headed in. He takes the time out of what I assume to be a very busy day to call me and ask me how I'm doing. I've never met a preacher or a counselor in the world that has time for you like this. To sum it up, I realized from the very beginning that Mike is not my success coach, or a hypnotherapist trying to reprogram me, but a dear friend who welcomed me into his family (his words not mine) from the beginning. I feel like I owe him much gratitude, much more than simply paying him. So I write this testimonial in hopes that somebody else out there is hurting and has given up on themselves. Not because I want anybody to feel as low as I did at one point, but to know there is somebody that's willing to help and does it because he honestly has a deep passion for helping people. Mike is doing what he was put on this earth to do which is to guide and teach his fellow friends what they've been missing out on in a life filled with lies and emptiness. You have to seek your own truth. Thanks Mike, I love you brother." 

Ann Roschy

"HYPNOSIS WORKS!!!! When I met Mike I was at a point in my life when I didn't know where I was at, wasn't sure where I was going or even the route I needed to take. Mike was a light at the end of a dark tunnel I never thought I would get out of. I heard of hypnosis and repressed thoughts of giving it a try due to world’s portrayal of “clucking like a chicken” while being under a so-called “spell”. I was reluctant to say the least. After meeting Mike and learning more about him, the mind and the process of hypnosis, I was able to free myself and trust in Mike, hypnosis and Mike’s desire to help others. Hypnosis has opened my eyes and my mind. It has allowed me to overcome things I have been struggling with for numerous years. I was hiding behind exceptionally high walls and with Mike’s help I have been able to open the door I thought I had cemented shut, venture out and become the person I used to be mixed with a new and living person. Through hypnosis, motivation for working out has been restored, I've lost weight, stopped inhaling Coca Cola and most importantly gained self confidence which I never thought I could ever possess. He has allowed me to remove the walls I built. I still have numerous issues to get through but I have confidence not only in Mike and his teachings but also in hypnosis and myself. Hypnosis can be fun and it can and will tackle the most serious issues you are dealing with. Open your mind and allow your thoughts to work for you, not against you! You will love the results!"  

Rachel Martinez

Maximized Mind and Mike has made a huge difference in my life.  After years of battling my out of control weight and eating issues, I decided I had nothing to lose before going the route of weight loss surgery.  I am ecstatic to report that after a few months that I am losing weight on my own!  NO pills, NO surgery - just me losing weight the healthy way through food choices and exercise.   I have also seen my relationships improve with my husband and children.  I was a big skeptic and thought that I had to be "crazy" to try hypnosis.  It wasn't at all like I thought.  I am grateful that I met Mike and went through his program.  He helped me not only with my weight, but also with additional issues that I didn't even knew existed.  Thank you Mike! 

Lance Lizzul

Highly recommended. Mike is a master at his craft and was extremely helpful. Excellent person to work with! 

Richmond Fowler

Mike did wonders for me! I was about to set on a hike of the Appalachian Trail was doubting my courage and self mainly due to my fear of heights. I signed up with Mike and had several sessions I listened to his instructions and recordings while having our sessions, before I know it I was driving over bridges, walking up to edges, looking over balconies and such not something I would ever do. So I hit the Appalachian Trail with a new sense of my self and abilities and I was hiking like a mad man with no worries of walking on the edge of cliffs,climbing straight up hand over hand giant rocks while looking straight down. Mike helped me conquer my fears and get ready for my trip, along with helping me quieting all those thoughts in my mind that keep me awake for hours at night. 


My name is Kevin and I want to say thank you so much to Mike Oglesbee for what I consider “saving my life”. You see before I found Mike my life was spiraling out of control. I was a broken man emotionally, spiritually and physically. I was contemplating bad thoughts and I was just an empty person inside and out. I tried everything you could ever try including but not limited to 9 months of once a week psychiatrist, several months with a therapist, various medications, Church and many other avenues all to no avail. I had emotional issues, OCD, weight issues, anger issues, crazy thinking issues, low self-esteem issues along with self-medicating. After almost one year with not getting better, I googled Hypnotist in MB as a last resort. I did some research on the ones I found, watched videos, and read several testimonials. I decided to try Mike as he seemed to be the right fit for me and he was all that and more. After working with Mike for 2 ½ months my life has changed from a level 1 to a level 10. Mike used several different techniques along with hypnosis to combat my various different problems. I saw results from the very first session and I chose to keep going as I finally started to get my life back. I now have my weight in check as I lost my comfort food addition, my OCD is all but gone, I am much happier per my friends and family and I am no longer self-medicating. I can not stress enough that Mike is the perfect guy to handle any or all of someone's issues, he is professional but yet makes you feel like he is also your friend and that is a very comforting feeling. He was the only one that understood my needs and how my brain was working at the time. Thank you, Mike, for all you've done for me... 

Nenkpeh Brown

Mike is the best!I would recommend Maximized Mind to everyone. 

Catherine VanGorder

Life Coach Mike Oglesbee introduced me to elevated consciousness one night as a roomful of people gathered to witness meditation without mind chatter-without thought.  I was very skeptical because I had thousands of thoughts each day.  I had tried in the past to quiet my mind & to keep my thoughts positive but I couldn't maintain it for long.

So we sat & listened & followed his instruction as he demonstrated how to remove lower vibrating energy cords and to clear & cleanse our energy body.  Following his lead we then reached elevated consciousness.  It was funny to me, this elevated state-I had no mind chatter, no thoughts & I also felt stoned.  We all did!:)

I started to think about the possibilities if I could reach this elevated consciousness on a daily basis.  I bought his book, Elevated Consciousness Advanced Meditation which is a short, clear, concise book that told about his journey, his discovery, & instruction on how to reach this elevated state on your own.  

I had good intentions of setting time out to practice his meditation technique but my old patterns & beliefs along with life's constant call had me putting the book in a drawer with all the other books I purchased in search of finding my purpose, peace within, & joy.

A few days later Mike emailed me & asked if I'd like to join in on his internet meditation for removing depression & anxiety from your life.  Sure I had the few minutes it was going to take so I joined in & again I felt the high of elevated consciousness.  I called him afterward & set up an appointment with him & my life hasn't been the same since.

Before I met Mike I was a human being having an occasional spiritual experience.  Now I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience.  To put it into words is difficult because it is a Spiritual feeling that encompasses my human body at all times now.  I am one with my true essence, my spirit, God.  

I am happy, confident, healthy, my relationships are wonderful, my whole life is wonderful & still no mind chatter!:) I have also reread and practice Elevated Consciousness Advanced Meditation with the intent to manifest so that I can enjoy all aspects of my new found joy.

I never told anyone what I was doing but people started noticing & telling me they liked the new me.  They wanted to know what I was doing different.  They wanted to feel the joy I lived in.

So I'm sharing my experience with you because I can see the bigger picture now.  I can imagine what this world would be like if everyone lived in their elevated consciousness.  You are going to be blown away by your experiences through Maximized Mind Hypnosis.  

As you realize your true essence you will unfold the ability to bridge new realms & discover the power you have within. You will enter altered states of awareness & intuitive abilities.  Life will no longer be a struggle and stress, anxiety, & depression will become a faint memory.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  It's time to Max your Mind.  Stop resisting your Greatness & experience the flow of life in your elevated consciousness.

Judy Dalton

I am truly thankful for Mike's kind and professional assistance during a very stressful time. He was quick to return my initial call and listened very carefully when we spoke. I was somewhat skeptical when I scheduled my first session, not knowing what to expect. His kind and professional manner will put you at ease right away, and his enthusiasm is contagious. I found the sessions to be very fun, and always left feeling more relaxed and confident. I would encourage anyone curious about using hypnotherapy to consult Mike Oglesbee. 

Michael Urda

Michael Oglesbee has done more to improve the quality of my life than any other professional. If you are open minded, and if you are willing to honestly discuss your problems and share your inner most thoughts, Michael will be of great help to you.

You can go to a doctor, who may prescribe some drug to deal with your symptoms, or, you can seek a permanent cure and address the problem directly, where is resides, in your subconscious mind. Michael helps you address your problems by reprogramming your subconscious mind. It is a safe and relaxing procedure.

What you will realize is that the subconscious mind does not contain the truth, it contains all the reasons you do what you do and believe what you believe, which is why people repeat the same thoughts and behaviour, no matter how damaging. Michael helps you challenge these limitations and find the truth, leaving you with a much more relaxed, happier life.

I went to Michael 3 months ago seeking help dealing with my IBS, which I have been dealing with for 40 years. Not only did my sessions with Michael alleviate my IBS fears, we also greatly improved my 40 year teeth grinding problem, and anxiety issues, and we even improved my golf game by getting rid of negative thoughts. Oh, as an added but huge benefit, I am now getting the best nighttime sleep of my life, relaxed with no racing thoughts.

I cannot more highly recommend Michael Oglesbee and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me. 

Betsi Santone

Mike is totally effective in all areas of his expertise. As a client of his he has resolved a life-long issue of mine with hypnosis. He is also guiding me as a life and business coach. His dynamic, caring personality immediately captures and draws you in. He is so down to earth and genuine .His people skills by far exceed any expectation. The bottom line.... if you want results you want Mike. 

Aerriccoa Bellamy

It was a pleasure being able to work with Mike and I will always be thankful for having had the opportunity to do so. I never thought that I would come across a practice such as this one but I am so glad that I did because it changed my life for the better. Thank you so much! 


Was referred to Mike by a friend. After my college-student child got into trouble after drinking at a party, thought that Mike might be able to help get at the root causes of binge drinking, and perhaps use his therapeutic skills to assist with creating new tools for avoiding unhealthy behaviors in general. Very quickly, I was able to see positive changes in my child's behavior, and I believe that the methods Mike uses (tapes and conversations) have helped increase both confidence (in general) and gain better insight to the social pressures and corresponding behaviors encountered in the college campus setting. It's been an extremely positive experience. 

Nathan Presnal

Mike has a variety of clients with whom he helps find solutions. The ability to draw from other situations and provide perspectives others may have not thought of to grow their business makes his process valuable. 


I went to Mike with referral from my nutritionist who also goes to Mike..My first visit was an instant GRATIFYING EXPERIENCE. Felt like our SOULS connected We became PARTNERS as he said we would..Mike makes you feel like you are going to conquer any issue or issues you are dealing with,each meeting made me feel more strong in the areas I needed to overcome. I would encourage anyone weather it be personal,work related self confidence, habits,fears the list could go on and on!!! Call him and overcome issues,Fix areas you have problems with but most of all you will leave him with that WARM FUZZY FEELING..I WILL BE BACK. 


The work that I have done with Mike has been great. Fast results and continuing improvement. 

Melissa Norris

I went to Maximized Mind with an open mind, not really knowing what to expect. I have a whole new perspective and self awareness on daily life and people around me. Also, I never understood meditation or how to do it, Mike really helped with that and it\'s awesome! See you again soon.\n Thank you! 

Cathie Lowenbraun

Mike is a gem in his found profession. He is knowledgeable & professional and has the keen gift to “zero” in on your current issue/s as well as the skills to offer and teach you how to address them and in my case resolve.
The “grief” process was incredible & how it got me beyond my blocks was a milestone for me.
I went from anxious , fear driven and “stuck” to open, aware & realizing that I am resilient!
I am ready to face my future with an open heart and know I have some awesome times ahead.
Thank You Mike for giving me the skills, showing me the confidence I already had inside and finding my voice.
I am grateful our lives crossed paths.
Be well and and I look forward to reading your book on the NY Times best sellers list!

Denise Fasciano

30 years smoking, tried quitting and never succeeded that was until I met with Mike Oglesbee of Maximized Mind and instantly became a non-smoker. No withdrawals, or major cravings, able to focus and enjoy a healthy life as a non-smoker. A breath of fresh air!!!

Sarah Boan

I was riddled with anxiety and it was running my life. Mike was able to help me through it. If i can succeed so can you. He is very professional and educated in how hypnosis can help. Today I am a new person thanks to maximized mind.

Julie Gillam

I am so grateful to have worked with Mike as my business coach. Working with Mike has been well worth the investment in myself and my business.  He has helped me to gain such clarity and create a strong foundation for my business.  Before I was going in all different directions, not sure which one was right but hoping that something would work.  He has taught me to focus on what is going to make the difference for my business and pursue that.  Mike kept me accountable during the times that I could have so easily lost my focus and he challenged me to step out of my box on several occasions. Because of this I have not only grown professionally but personally as well. I have also gained much more confidence. He has helped me to dig deep and know why I am doing what I am doing and who I am supposed to be serving.  He has taught me how to work in a systematic way that is allowing me to be much more productive.  
Mike is so much fun to work with. He has such enthusiasm. He treats your business like it were his own. He truly has a heart for his clients and wants them to succeed. Because of him my sales more than doubled in the first two months of working together. If you are looking for help on getting to the next level in your business, and if you are serious about growing as a person, which will cause your business to grow, then I highly recommend working with Mike

Kimberly Fowler

I thoroughly enjoyed the leadership training. I am a huge fan of John Maxwell, and Mike was a wonderful facilitator. Mike made the information very relevant and brought great insight into the teachings. I looked forward to the sessions each week and would definitely recommend ProLead to anyone who wants to be a leader in business and in life!


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