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Foundation of Success


 Foundation of Success is a 28-day program designed to influence and create powerful change within your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals and experience a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Foundation of Success is packed with proven techniques and exercises that will reach the subconscious mind where the root of all problems exist and rewire your brain to set you on the path to begin creating more fulfilling relationships, peace of mind, less stress, and endless possibilities. As your perception and internal foundation changes, you will see a ripple effect of possibilities and opportunities open up for you in the world. Creating a foundation of success within is your first step to achieving truly amazing results in your life. 

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Elevated Consciousness


Meditation provides some of the greatest benefits known to man but is often one of the most difficult practices to maintain because of the difficulty in calming the mind chatter that takes place. Mike Oglesbee has discovered an incredible technique that completely shuts down mind chatter in just a matter of moments. This technique can be used by beginners and experts alike and is designed to shut down the chattering mind. Mike has been teaching this technique throughout the Grand Strand for many years with amazing success rate. Elevated Consciousness can help you have effective meditation sessions each time you practice. 

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My Success Journal


 My Success Journal is designed to keep you focused on your two most important goals over the next 31 days as well as the action steps it will take to achieve them. By staying focused with a routine every day, you are more likely to achieve the things you set out to achieve in life. My Success Journal is also designed in a way that allows you to measure and track your progress with weekly updates. Reach your goals, complete your projects, and stay focused on your dreams with My Success Journal. 

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Make It Big In A Small Business


Running a small business in today's world requires more than just understanding your craft. It requires knowing how to run a business. Small businesses are swallowed up every day because the business owner simply does not have the tools and understanding of how to reach out to the people they are meant to serve in a way that will keep them coming back for more. If you're looking to bring in more clients or grow your small business this book may be for you. Download your FREE copy today!

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